millimetre strives to achieve a positive legacy for every project, balancing environmental impact with design integrity.

pre-build environmental assessment

millimetre assesses the environmental impact of materials and processes, in order to inform the design and fabrication options for each project.

carbon and toxicity monitoring

A bespoke carbon and toxicity monitoring tool monitors and compares materials and manufacturing and production techniques. This information then steers the design process.

wise material choices

Careful research and sample production ensures materials are fit for purpose in terms of aesthetics, performance, life span, maintenance, carbon footprint and sustainability.

conscientious fabrication

The fabrication process seeks to maximise durability and integrity while minimising material waste, manufacturing energy and general toxicity.

transport efficiency

Smart use of transport saves fuel, time and money.

mindful deconstruction

Projects with enduring lifespans have a reduced ecological impact. For ephemeral or temporary projects, millimetre works hard to ensure materials and components can be recycled or repurposed.