millimetre is committed to achieving a positive legacy for every project, through careful consideration of the long term social and environmental impact of our work.

We adopt a holistic understanding of sustainability, which includes the wellbeing of our employees, the sustainability of our business and projects, and that of the local and global environment.

As well as ensuring we remain complaint with legal requirements and industry values, we are also pro-active in promoting social and environmental wellbeing through our own initiatives. These include:

  • Conscientious design and fabrication that takes into account material choices that are fit for purpose, minimising waste, toxicity and energy consumption.
  • Ensuring that all business operations are ethical and conducted with integrity, prioritising local opportunities and projects with inherent public value.
  • Educating and influencing staff, clients and partners about our commitment to environmentally positive decision-making.

We continually evaluate and measure our performance using custom analytic software developed in-house to assess the carbon cost and toxicity of materials and production techniques.

Read our full Positive Impact Policy here