Alder Castle

Alder Castle

Alder Castle Foyer for Morrow & Lorraine and Studio Fractal

City, London

September 2017

millimetre was brought in to work collaboratively with Morrow + Lorraine as part of Alder Castle’s extensive refurbishment programme. The central London building, overlooking the historic London Wall, consists of 50,000 square foot of office space, green spaces and terraces. The team worked together to develop the remodelled entrance and double height reception area.

We initially explored several types of panels – 2D pierced, pierced and manipulated, and rotated/protruding – as well as a variety of pattern and surface finishes and colours. Different samples were produced. The final decisions resulted in an impressive atrium feature wall, composed of hundreds of hand-finished brass fins, mounted onto steel box section frames and finished with a white textured powdercoat.

Studio Fractal co-developed the lighting for the space. The main challenge was to control the spread of light from high output LED units in order to keep glare and shadowing to a minimum. The visibility of the fins changes as you walk throughout the space, with the prominence of the fins changing depending on your viewing angle.