Big 4 Tony Heaton

Big 4 Tony Heaton

Big 4 by Tony Heaton for FreeState / Channel 4

Channel 4 Headquarters, London

May 2012

The installation, Monument to the Unintended Performer, is by disabled sculptor and artist Tony Heaton. The piece brings together three elements in addition to the Big 4: the first based on the classical Greek sculpture Discobolus, the discus thrower, evoking the spirit of the Olympics; the second element, a circle, representing the wheel of the international symbol of access; and lastly, the introduction of gold, silver and bronze considers hierarchy.

Millimetre worked closely with the Artist, Freestate and Atelier One in outlining a fabrication strategy, then went on to develop, fabricate and install the piece. The elements have been produced from 6mm thick satin polished Aluminium plate attached to steel supporting armatures which are in-turn bolted to the Big 4 structure.The discus was produced from HDPE supported by a lightweight sub-frame and lit using LED’s, the rolled/fabricated Aluminium wheel is lit using curved neon.