Freyas Cabin

Freyas Cabin

Feyas Cabin for Kielder Forestry Comission / Studio Weave

Kielder Water National Park, Northumberland

January 2009

Je and Maria at Studio Weave with their unique story telling design process created Freya’s Cabin in Kielder Water National Park as part of a love story between Freya and Robin. Millimetre were invited in to help develop the structure along side Studio Weave with Price and Myers. The manufacture of Freya’s Cabin took place at our premises in Brighton.

The main structure comprised of 148 layers of CNC cut Spruce plywood which were held together using 10 steel rods, with tailor made expansion units at either end allowing for the potential expansion of timber up to 150mm.This plywood cabin sits on a 15mm plate steel base but is free to slide, again due to the expansion and contraction of the Spruce Plywood. The plate is supported by 135 stems [30mm and 25mm solid steel round bar] which are sheathed in brass tube.

The installation was incredibly challenging due to the remote nature of the site, but with the help of an excavator (the only vehicle capable of handling the terrain) the base was anchored to its footings and each layer installed one at a time.Freya’s final layer was her cladding, these were CNC punched and folded out of Luvata, an identical material to that used in the production of Pound coins. A small foot bridge was built leading to the Cabin and a glass balustrade installed.