Information Age Gallery

Information Age Gallery

Furniture for the Information Age gallery

Science Museum, London

September 2014 – present

millimetre fabricated and installed a number of graphic and furniture pieces for the Science Museum’s pioneering Information Age gallery, the first gallery dedicated to the history of information technologies. This high-profile £16 million project was developed in collaboration with luminaries such as Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and opened by the Queen, who sent her first tweet from the gallery.

We worked with Universal Design Studio to create benches and a variety of different plinths to house exhibits and information. The two steel-framed benches are clad in copper and CNC engraved with black ink-filled text. The seats are made of white corian. The circular glass-topped plinths are made from a steel frame and copper cladding, with curved sides made from laminated toughened glass. The top is a single piece of toughened glass, with text CNC-cut and ink-filled on the upper face. The square plinths have sandblasted toughened glass sides and CNC-engraved, ink-filled tops made of copper.

For the interactive plinths, we created a copper-clad cabinet to house the computer, and white powdercoated steel plinths for the touchscreens and speakers. Finally, the tactile object plinth has powdercoated legs and a copper top. The copper we used in all the items was lacquered.