Kings Hill Town

Kings Hill Town

Kings Hill town public artwork by Richard Wolfstrome

Kings Hill, Kent

October 2014

Heritage, community and art came together with the FutureCity development of Kings Hill, a new town built on the site of a decommissioned RAF base. Working alongside placemaker artist Richard Wolfstrome, millimetre developed, fabricated and installed public art, wayfinding and furniture pieces.

Two 7-metre diameter steel plate roundels, containing stencilled bronze narratives, required millimetre to develop a new stencilling method. The first roundel has a lit, coloured glass centrepiece, while the second roundel hosts a bespoke larch and stainless steel seating unit, designed by millimetre. The roundels were thermally sprayed with a non-slip aluminium coating, overlaid with a design in hot sprayed bronze. Coloured wax/oil sealed the coating and provided ground colour. Ribbons of text set into pavers around the roundels used the same stencilling technique. The pavers also contain 12 machine-etched naval brass rubbing plaques, depicting planes from the former airfield inlaid with children’s poetry. Bespoke galvanised steel and larch planters with integrated seating are also installed on-site.

Future City
Richard Wolfestrome
Photography: © Joe Clark