Score for a Whole in the Ground

Score for a Hole in the Ground

Score for a Hole in the Ground for Jem Finer

Kings Wood, Kent

September 2006

Score for a Hole in the Ground is an art installation situated in King’s Wood, Challock near Ashford in Kent. A PRS Foundation commission by artist/sculptor Jem Finer, in collaboration with Stour Valley Arts.’A musical instrument with ecological ideas’ a trumpet/horn that stands some five metres above the ground rising out from a seven metre deep well.

Suspended inside the well are groups of metallic instruments, a water system creates random droplets which fall, striking the instruments below creating tones which reverberate up from the chamber. A newly built dew pond collects the water that feeds the instruments.Millimetre were asked to co-develop and make/install the instrumentation, drip system and sound amplification devices and design/build/fit the sculpture’s corten cover.