Surface Tension

Surface Tension

Surface Tension for Jason Bruges Studio for the Park Plaza Hotel

Westminster Bridge, London

February 2010

Taking inspiration from the experience on the bridge and the proximity of the Thames, the studio has created an artwork that dynamically reflects the spectacular context of the river. The surface of the artwork responds in the same way as the surface of the Thames, changing as the wind changes speed and direction. A wind sensor on the roof of the hotel detects the speed and direction of the wind in realtime. This data drives an ever-changing pattern of light on the surface of the sculpture.Surface Tension evokes the animated, celebratory and calming qualities of water features, traditionally found in hotel forecourts.millimetre’s role was to develop/model, produce/ fabricate, finish and install the 5m diameter sculptural form and lenses.

The pebble like form is comprised of 17 cast components in 10mm [approx] LM25 aluminium alloy bolted together with the lower panels slotting into the upper segments. The aluminium alloy has been hot metal sprayed with zinc, the zinc has in turn been patinated using a cold patination solution which turns it a black/bronze colour, The surface has been sealed using a wax oil, the inset tapered lenses have been designed to be impact resistant and tamper proof. 

Park Plaza Hotel
Jason Bruge Studio
Photography: James Morgan