Sutton Row

Sutton Row

Reception Screen, Gates & Coffee Table with Archer Architects and Everything in Between

Sutton Yard, London

February 2016

millimetre was commissioned to produce gates, a decorative reception screen and a coffee table for Sutton Yard.

Reception Screen
The design and fabrication of the reception screen first required a sub-frame, to support its scale and weight. The screen itself comprised a 40x20mm bright steel framework, blasted and hot zinc sprayed, then coated with 250 microns of thermally applied copper. This frame was finished with a burnish and raised granular texture. We used a cold patination recipe to age and darken the copper. The mottled patination was built up from a number of ‘thin’ brush-applied layers, sealed with a penetrating oil, then waxed and buffed. In contrast, the patinated panels were hand polished, heavily waxed and then buffed to produce a lustrous finish.

The 3.5m tall entrance gates were fabricated from mild steel with a durable patinated and oiled zinc finish. Decorative polished brass in-fill panels break the strong vertical design. We added gate automation and safety systems by Gate-A- Mation.

Coffee table
We fabricated a table made from a bright steel frame, patinated and waxed, with a thermally applied copper finish. The top is made from 12 mm toughened glass.