Big 4 Stephanie Imbeau

Big 4 Stephanie Imbeau

Big 4 for Freestate / Stephanie Imbeau

Channel 4 Headquarters, London

March 2009

In 2008 millimetre were commissioned by Freestate to create Stephanie Imbeau’s version of the Big 4. We began with 3D CAD and moved on to create a card and paper model. After some deliberation it was agreed that all faces of the structure would be clad with umbrellas.Working closely with the artist we explored possible ways of mounting and reinforcing the rather fragile lost and found umbrellas. Each umbrella was reinforced using rubber tipped fibre glass rods tied into the frame, the majority of handles were then removed and the brolly’s strapped onto steel mesh panels.

Lighting the work was a primary consideration. We experimented with different light sources and configurations to achieve the rather stunning outcome. The 16 metre tall Big 4 structure was clad and the lighting rig installed in just two days.Stephanie has this to say about millimetre, “My experience working with millimetre was (and is) an absolute delight. From the first time I met them, through to the installment of my piece, they were enthusiastic and completely supportive of my idea. They were also instrumental in terms of their creative input when it came to deciding on lighting and other details. The whole project felt like a team effort and was cohesive from beginning to end”