International Rugby Experience Light Sculpture

Niall McLaughlin Architects

International Rugby Experience, Limerick, Ireland

March 2023

The International Rugby Experience Light Sculpture has been designed in collaboration between Níall McLaughlin Architects and Millimetre. This special installation acts as a fitting tribute to the game of rugby across the world. It is strategically located at the heart of the International Rugby Experience so that each visitor encounters it at the beginning, middle and end of their journey.

As a sculptural form, it loosely represents the globe and is constructed from an intricate web of brass tubes, machined brass nodes with integrated lighting and fibre optic cables. Its lightweight character is intended to contrast the muscular architecture surrounding it.

The different nodes represent different rugby playing nations and are set in their geographic location. Each node’s size and lighting output reflects that nation’s influence within the world of rugby, considering the number of registered rugby clubs, national team ranking, and “tier” categorisation based on data available in 2022.