Omer Arbel Material Experiments Stage

Material Experiments for Omer Arbel by Bocci - London Design Festival at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Victoria & Albert Museum


As part of the London Design Festival, Canadian multidisciplinary studio Bocci hosted a nine-day live glass-blowing demonstration of Omer Arbel’s 113 experiments in the world-famous courtyard John Madejski Garden of the Victoria & Albert Museum.

The 10m long stage, enclosure and cantilevered steel roof was installed over three days after being prefabricated in the millimetre workshop.  For visitors to watch the live performance and final outcome we manufactured metal display plinths to house the sculptures and bespoke steel doors made to fit around the glass-blowing furnace. Almost all of the material, from the glass boxes to the ply panels is being reused at various places.

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