Zotem by Kim Thomé, in partnership with Swarovski and London Design Festival

V&A Entrance Hall, London

15 September – 31 October 2015

This bold, colourful monolith, comprising over 600 bespoke Swarovski crystals, looms 18 metres high in the main entrance hall of the V&A. millimetre worked closely with Norwegian artist Kim Thomé to design, develop and manufacture the artwork, from the initial concept through to installation.

Zotem’s black metallic walls are studded with four types of crystals, arranged in repeating geometric designs. A revolving canvas of ascending light and colour rolls continuously behind them, projecting refracted colours and patterns, drawing the viewer’s eye upwards to the ornate cupola and first floor galleries.

638 bespoke Swarovski crystals
Black patinated and waxed steel facia and cladding
Aluminium and steel subframe
CNC cut birch ply interior
Over 1,000 bolts
Total weight = 2,841kg
London Design Festival
Kim Thomé
Morph Structures
Photography: ©Glasshopper