Block of Dering

Block of Dering

3D Scanned and Machined Sculpture for Richard Wilson

Annely Juda Fine Art Gallery, London

26 January–25 March 2017

millimetre fabricated Block of Dering as part of Richard Wilson’s Stealing Space show at Annely Juda Fine Art. The sculpture reinterprets the Dering Street façade of the gallery building and reconfigures it into a dominating near-cube, 3.5 metres high, with architectural details visible and distorted, including the gallery sign.

Working with Wilson millimetre pre-fabricated the Block of Dering sculpture off site, having 3D-scanned the façade of the building. The scan was divided into six sections, each 1.5 metres square, and these sections were developed into CNC-cut components made from MDF (medium density fibre board).

Other elements were routed and spindle-cut from soft wood to form cornices and other ornate patterns. The sections were then glued and screwed to a soft wood timber substructure and coated with shellac. Installation took place on site, where the individual pieces were craned into the gallery and fixed together, crowned by the top panel that rests in position with self-weight. Each section weighs approx. 90–100kg each (total weight approx. 500–600kg).